About us


VERBIAS was founded with the aim of being the global language partner of every company, both in translation and language training. At VERBIAS we are linguistic professionals giving advice, during all communication stages, to those companies undergoing a process of internationalization, with the aim of meeting all their needs in the linguistic field.

Located in the heart of the CIT (Catalonia Innovation Triangle), in Sant Cugat del Vallès, VERBIAS provides a wide range of services including translation, language training and dissemination of specialized multilingual contents.
It guarantees excellence and competency in any technical or legal language that companies may require for their global expansion. VERBIAS provides an integral response to all the linguistic needs of those companies that want to have a recognized global presence.

Value differentiators

  • Experts in legal, sworn and technical translations.
  • Excellence in the management/administration of all processes.
  • Projects carried out according to the deadlines set by the client.
  • Specialized in tailor-made training programmes for company managers.
  • Management (free of charge) of State grants for company training through Fundación Tripartita
  • Acknowledgement from leading companies such as Catalana Occidente, Mitsubishi Electric, Laboratorios Salvat and institutions such as ESADE, Sant Cugat town council, Terrassa Chamber of Commerce, etc.


The VERBIAS team is multidisciplinary and is composed of more than 40 professionals including translators, interpreters, proof-readers, language teachers, designers, layout designers, etc.

In order to be able to guarantee efficiency, quality and excellence, VERBIAS rigorously selects all the professionals that end up joining the team.

All of our translators, interpreters and language teachers:

  • Are native speakers.
  • Have a degree in translation/interpreting or a degree in languages with a specialized master’s degree.
  • Only translate into their mother tongue or teach their own mother tongue.
  • Have an excellent command of Spanish and/or Catalan, as well as other working languages.
  • Are specialized in specific fields: technical, legal, financial, medical, etc.
  • Have at least 5 years’ experience.
  • Work with computer-assisted translation systems (CAT tools) and terminological translation memories, DTP, etc.

Work method

For translations

  1. Document is received.
  2. Content is analysed (field of expertise, terminology, format, source and target languages, DTP, etc.).
  3. Quote is prepared (cost + deadline).
  4. Project is assigned to a translator specialized in the field of expertise of the document.
  5. Translation with CAT tools (computer-assisted translation programmes) and terminological database to ensure terminological homogeneity.
  6. Revision by an independent proof-reader.
  7. Document is delivered to the client in the time frame established.
  8. Feedback from the client.

For specialized language training

  1. The particular needs of each client are analysed (speciality, number of training hours).
  2. Written and oral level tests are performed.
  3. The initial level is determined.
  4. Groups are organized (reduced, one-to-one).
  5. Language teacher is selected.
  6. Programme is created according to the client’s specific needs.
  7. The course is carried out.
  8. Final evaluation of the course.
  9. Feedback from the client.