Specialized translations


At VERBIAS we specialize in legal translation into all European languages, but mainly into English, French and Russian. We are qualified to translate all the documentation a company may require to establish commercial relations abroad: contracts, collaboration agreements, letters of authorization, etc. VERBIAS ensures excellence in its legal translations through its team of translators specialized in legal matters.



Translation of technical documentation, related to company products, into all languages. This includes:

  • manuals
  • instructions for use
  • plans
  • technical data sheets
  • patents

This speciality is of particular relevance nowadays, and there is no margin for error. Technical translation applies to various fields and requires the translator not only having exceptional linguistic skills, but also broad technical knowledge. Therefore, VERBIAS establishes collaborations between translators and specialists in each sector in order to guarantee maximum quality and thereby prevent any rejection by the final user.

Sworn translations

VERBIAS also provides sworn translations in all linguistic combinations for individual clients, law firms, agencies, export companies, official documentation required by the civil service, courts, solicitors or universities. Sworn translations are carried out by translators authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

VERBIAS provides sworn translations of:

  • company articles of association
  • patents and brands
  • contracts
  • annual accounts
  • legal settlements
  • affidavits
  • recognition of diplomas
  • birth certificates
  • passports
  • work permits