Language Teaching

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All of the training provided by VERBIAS can be subsidised by State grants for company training through the FUNDAE. Moreover, VERBIAS takes responsibility for all procedures at no additional cost.

Languages for business

Practical specialization modules

These modules are aimed at reinforcing knowledge acquired in English, French and other languages to gain more confidence in diverse situations during the professional life of your employees:


A module with a clear goal: to acquire the skills required to participate and play a key role in negotiations with international participants. Using simulations of real situations, the module consists of developing negotiation strategies where confusion and conflicts do not exist. We provide you with the tools needed to develop strategic and efficient negotiation skills in which dialogue is the key to success.


This module is especially designed for people who regularly give presentations. In this module, our coach will teach you how to prepare a presentation in a clear manner and how to transmit the content to the public in a logical and engaging way. Our coach will prepare you so that you can reuse idiomatic expressions and the appropriate terminology.

Business correspondence

The aim of this module is to acquire confidence and fluency when dealing with business correspondence. It is especially recommended for those people who need to write business documents or emails regularly. Our language teachers will provide you with the tools to respond quickly and use the relevant formulae in each context.

Standard training

One-to-one or reduced group in-company training to improve your employees’ level of English, French and other languages. Our native coaches will help you to acquire correct pronunciation and intonation, as well as more relevant and precise vocabulary for every situation. Indeed, in real situations it is important to know how to express our ideas clearly and in a convincing manner to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

Business English Coach

Through its Business English Coaches, VERBIAS provides company directors with specific tailor-made programmes to deal with topics related to finance, insurance or business. The coaches are teachers specialized in specific areas who have taught in prestigious business schools and who will develop a personalized programme adapted to the specific needs of the company and the professional who requires this tailor-made training.

Business Cultural Coach

Since doing business in France, the Arab Emirates, China or Russia is not the same as doing business in Spain, VERBIAS has developed 20-hour-long training programmes. They are aimed at bringing the managers of companies from this country closer to the business culture of the countries where they want to establish their business or of the foreign companies with which they want to do business. With the Business Cultural Coach programme, participants study basic notions of the language and discover the protocol rules applied to life in society and to the business world in the country. The Business Cultural Coach programme is currently available for the following areas: 

  • China.
  • Near East.

Request a tailor-made programme for your company’s needs.