Multilingual conferences and events

Integral management: simultaneous interpreter + technical team

At VERBIAS we work in close collaboration with your company to assess your needs in detail. Likewise, we provide the best professionals and technical teams to guarantee your multilingual event runs smoothly. VERBIAS collaborates with the leading specialized companies in the sector because we know that having high-quality technical material is essential to achieve outstanding results. We put a wide range of sound devices at your disposal, from the smallest and most functional installation to the most sophisticated installations with cabins, sound system, installation of a projector connected to a PC or Notebook. VERBIAS provides the following services:

  • Hiring of the most competent interpreters according to the needs of each presentation: terminology, linguistic combinations, etc.
  • Technical advice.
  • Installation of the interpreting and audio-visual material required, and dismantling of same after the event if it is no longer needed.

Liaison interpreting


VERBIAS provides companies and foreign individuals visiting Spain with professional interpreters in any language combination to accompany them in meetings, talks, factory visits, cultural visits or shopping, etc.


For groups

VERBIAS provides companies receiving visits from foreign investors, staff members from abroad, coaches in Spain, etc., with professional interpreters in any language combination to accompany them, in reduced groups, in business meetings, talks, factory visits, etc. Simultaneous interpreting is performed in reduced groups using a portable system of microphones and earphones (Infoport).