Localization of web pages

Translation and adaptation of the contents of your company’s web page, to the commercial culture of your end clients. Since selling a product on the French market is not the same as selling a product on the Russian market, VERBIAS provides a service of consultant translators who can adapt the contents of a web page (presentation, language type, colours, etc.) to the preferences of your end clients to encourage greater success of your products in the target market. For a company, a translation makes up part of its image and is a fundamental element in the country where it seeks to set up.


Software localization

Localizing a programme does not just require translating the contents, but also adapting a programme’s resources, that is, dialogue boxes, pop-up messages that appear on the screen, on-line help, etc. Localizing is a discipline that goes beyond translation, as it requires technical and cultural skills from the target culture in order to be able to adapt, for example, the date and time format, colours, symbols used, etc., to the target language. VERBIAS provides you with the integral solution to fully adapt your programmes to your target markets in the majority of languages, thanks to our team of specialized translators.


Localization of applications for mobile phones

Nowadays, applications for mobile phones are essential for any company. For this reason, VERBIAS provides a team of translators specialized in localizing your mobile applications using specific tools so that they are 100% adapted to the end users.